Our Services

Electronic Form Creation

We offer a feature that unique to current behavioral data acquisition software. A user simply uploads virtually any PDF version of a document that they wish to become a usable template for use on an iPad or iPhone. Our unique Create Template tool makes it possible for the user to identify all of the relevant fields from the original document, define the type of field, set parameters and create unique variable names. In a few minutes a paper form used for data collection becomes a powerful electronic form that is fully accessible for data acquisition.

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition is fully available on an iPad or iPhone through our app, ABA Monitor.com, which is easily loaded from the App Store. Two forms of data entry are available through our app. A library of data acquisition templates is available for the user to select for their particular need. These templates include both those supplied by Advanced Behavior Analytics and those created through our unique Create Template tool by users of our product. In addition, the user has the option once a template has been selected and a session opened to record up to eight different behaviors simultaneously under multiple conditions.

Data Storage

Data is encrypted, stored on the device, and uploaded to the cloud. Our HIPAA compliance system can then easily access stored data by logging into our website for subsequent query and the generation of reports and graphs.

Data Query

We have developed a powerful data query tool that allows users to access and analyze data at our website. By having the options of defining multiple parameters for data the user wishes to review our program makes it possible to examine individual data or group data or aggregate data quite easily. Our data query software easily imports into our report generation and graphing functions. This allows a user to create reports for graphs in a manner minutes without the need to cut-and-paste from electronic spreadsheets or enter data from paper sources into electronic spreadsheets. Literally, hours of work associated with harvesting data is transformed accurately into just a few minutes at your desktop.

Report Generation

Recognizing that many users have unique needs to examine data our product allows users to import selected data via our data query tool into a flexible database structure that is fully compatible with most commercial software.


Advanced Behavior Analytics has several powerful graphing options that allows users to graph queried data at the press of a button. Graphs design for presenting frequency, duration and cumulative frequency behaviors or events are easily created. In addition, we include functions that allow the user to adjust the scaling, font size and other features of the graph. Our powerful toolbox allows users to create axis labels and titles. Graphs that contain multiple variables automatically differentiate among them by both color and symbol so that graphs that might be printed or copied in black and white can be easily understood.

Web-Based Access

Advanced Behavior Analytics allows users from the comfort of their desktop or laptop or phone review forms of completed data, assign staff or other users to supervisors, and even create new templates. From our website data can be queried and reports and graphs can be generated. All of your data is accessible at your fingertips!