Customize Your Plan

Individual or Group Data

Advanced Behavior Analytics makes it possible to collect either individual data or group data on an iPad or iPhone.

Therapy Data Templates

Advanced Behavior Analytics provides users many preformatted templates for various types of behavioral data collection that can be employed during individual or group sessions on an iPad or iPhone. Templates include those used in applied behavior analysis, cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. Users can also create their own templates using our specialized web-based tools that make it possible to convert PDF files into usable electronic templates for use on an iPad or iPhone.

Frequency and Duration Data Collection

Advanced Behavior Analytics powerful iPhone and iPad application provides users the option of collecting data on up to eight different behaviors at one time and under multiple conditions. The ability to do this is always available to the user when any active template has been employed on the iPad or iPhone. Thus real-time behavioral data can be taken while forms are being completed all during a single session. At the end of the session data is stored, encrypted and sent to the cloud for later query and analysis.

Multiple Condition Assignment

Behavior and form data can be taken under multiple conditions based on the used plan or preference. Data can easily be segregated by condition. Condition lines are also possible options while graphing.

OS, iPad, or iPhone

Advanced Behavior Analytics app is iPad or iPhone-based. Our system does not currently work on android devices. Our web applications should be done in Google Chrome. These features allow for speech recognition and photos to be imported into text or picture locations directly from the iPad or iPhone. These are great features for collecting diary data of your clients between sessions.

Create Therapy Teams

Advanced Behavior Analytics allows users to create a hierarchy of three types of assignments. First, administrator who has responsibility to add or subtract users, to define behavior and condition buttons and make templates available. They have access to agency data and all the functions with how such data can be used. Second, are the supervisors and/or therapists. At this level the app can be used for data collection and there is full access for data query, report and graphing functions. Primary care staff, teachers, parents can be assigned to providers this level and two small groups when several people might be working on a single case. The third level for those individuals primarily responsible for implementing intervention plans. This could include registered behavior technicians, primary staff, patients or parents and guardians.

Communication Portal

Advanced Behavior Analytics allows users to send communications through our communication portal. We also have a number of options for getting support through Advanced Behavior Analytics via e-mail. On the iPad or iPhone app our Feedback button takes a screenshot and allows the user to send an e-mail to Advanced Behavior Analytics to facilitate problem solving.